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Off shoulder top is probably the most worn item this Summer! The Instagram was certainly floated with similar photographs as these. We don’t even have to ask ourselves why because it’s obvious! It’s cool for the Summer.  Many girls and women were dying for this piece, just as much as I. It’s really to die for. White off shoulder top just screams Summer, vacation, relaxing, happiness, stylish, elegant, classy! That is somehow all we need right now. Do you agree with me? 



Even though it is obvious that off shoulder top is perfect for Summer, every girl is still going to struggle when she looks at the mirror in order to find out what to wear with it. Well, no worries, the answer is almost anything, as always. My best choices would be beige skirt, denim skirt/denim shorts, stripes, and something white too. White on white is really suited for Summer. For the footwear I recommend white sneakers, nude sandals, leg wrap sandals, espadrilles and flat ankle boots or with smaller heel. This Summer is all about flats. 



Everything is better in two! At least, that’s what they say. I could totally agree for this one. Aren’t these twins photos cute? I simply love that BFF moments when you’re wearing the same outfit (Zorannah and Bridget Helene). Or, if that’s too much for you, you can just both wear an off shoulder top, and it doesn’t have to be in the same color (Tatjana and Maja). Because why not, it’s Summer, everything is allowed. 


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