As I glanced at a serene picture of my 3 kids walking towards the end of a dock I paused and thought tearfully… The day will come when my 3 precious jewels will leave my home. The day will come when I can no longer make decisions for them or protect them from this troubling world.

My heart saddens at the possibility of their upcoming generation becoming increasingly perverse and sinful. Will they stand strong? Will their convictions remain in tact? Will they love and honor God when noone else does?

Fear tries to creep in, yet FAITH steps in boldy to remind me:

“You are planting a seed that will bear fruit!”

“The word of GOD spoken into their lives will not return void”

“God’s promises are true…Salvation is for your family!”

While I cannot forever keep my children within a protective bubble, I can give them tools. Tools to withstand the strong currents that will come against them. Tools to lead them into a deeper more intimate relationship with God. Tools to make them sensitive to the spirit of God.

I can fill their little toolboxes while they are in my care. When the time is up I pray they have more than enough spiritual elements in their tool box to stand on the rock: JESUS CHRIST!

I must remind myself they are the Lord’s. He has entrusted me to love them unconditionally and prepare them for what is to come. He has lent them to me, to surround my days with laughter and joy…yet one day they’ll go, it’s the cycle of life.

When they do go- I pray God holds me and comforts my heart for it will be hard.

I pray my eyes can see my children do great things for the kingdom of God!

May I see them strong and standing on HIS word with a toolbox filled with many useful treasures.

May they be fully equipped….

Then and only then will I know all the bible stories, life lessons and talks were not in vain…they were listening. They took it with them!

I now ask you dear mother of young ones;

Are you taking the time to fill your child’s treasure box for the years to come?

I know GOD has been speaking into my life regarding the need to invest more in my children … Perhaps HE is speaking to yours as well?


Apostolic Mommy & Wife

Published by Sandy Lopez