Up until Recently I had not really seen this. No matter how much you want to Believe, you can see So much around you – Wake UP, smell the Coffee Beans;
There’s no way that You’d Ever pick-up on Everything!


That said,
The only lady working with me; Older I might add,
Says all the time,
She always puts her Foot in it.
I’ve seen it happen on Regular occasions! ! !


The fact of the matter, in LIFE this is,
If you do not listen to those who Want to help you,
YOU’LL really have your Foot in your Month, more often than not.


That fact stated,
This Lady doesn’t keep Quiet when Someone/ANYONE comes at her either–
To this point that her Fast reactions end up being Detrimental to the reaction she receives!

It would Mostly come from the Manager,
But then,
Inside the Office the Women, There;
Are going at it, a good deal of the time.


Then as well,
We have some Men – Will not call them Gentlemen,
Shoot their mouths off at covering their own “6’s”, Butts, Asses – Speaking Frank!


So now,
On every which day, I’d have more than one side to deal with.
To say the least, for the most parts there are ( 2 ) and to a lesser Extent – a 3rd…


But Now, we’ll be Branching out and I can just See the additional Offices and its own Politics which I’d have a Good/Great time in dealing with as well!


Not only that,
Being the Unofficial Floor Manager between Three floors can get Tight some times.

Then, with an Additional one;
I’d be Running around like mad And
KNOWING what might or Might Not be coming down the Grape-vein…?


Hence, AGAIN,
I’ll have to Handle the Office Politics and Help the Business on, as best I can–
Dealing with the Potential Chaos which could at Any time ensue…


Thus, the Office Politics in running the Business is almost As Threatening to the Running of the Business; as the Lack of Funds, Business, Losses or Thefts from the Business itself.


It’s Impossible not to happen as we’re All Emotional Human Beings And
So, Throwing Everyone in the very same Blender,
With Money and the Security of the Company at stake,
            All of the time;

This just allows for Every single person there–
Who deals with some kind of Stress in ANY Business,
To Deal with this and the Politics in the Office!

In different ways that every other person working there…

Try; if Possible to keep that in mind the Next time,
You Want to react to something another person had said.


Either I see things coming far enough away,
Or by now;
I just don’t Know how best to Answer what I Suspect
Is coming our way… ?

Published by Cobus Vermeulen