Moving can be a stressful time, and moving office even more so, but with a little bit of careful planning and organisation you should be able to have everything that you need in place well in advance to make your move to new premises as smooth as possible. Here are some of our top tips on what you might need to order in advance to help make moving as easy as possible.

Book A Removal Company

It sounds obvious, but as soon as you have your date for moving to your new office space sorted then it is a good idea to get your removal company booked. The last thing you want to do is leave it until the last minute when you could find yourself ringing around all the local companies to see if any of them can accommodate you at short notice. Not only could this prove to be quite stressful but the chances are that you will probably end up paying more as you will not have been able to shop around.

In fact, as soon as you have made the decision to move offices it is worth ringing round all the local removal companies and arranging for some quotes so you can budget your moving costs as accurately as possible. This will give you a chance to find a company who suits your requirements and your budget. Remember to check what the different quotes include so that you are comparing like for like.

Rental Van

If you are a smaller company and cannot justify the costs associated with using a removal company then you will probably want to hire a van, and maybe a couple of people to help with the move. Again, it is important to get quotes and sort this out as soon as you can as you don’t want to struggle nearer to moving day.

Hire A Skip

Whether you are moving house or business moving affords you a fantastic opportunity to have a sort out and ditch those things that you no longer need or want. Taking these items to your new business premises could end up adding to your removal costs, both in terms of time and money. This is something that you can start doing in advance of your moving date. Anything that you no longer need, including any broken furniture, and there are some companies that hold onto these sorts of things, should be disposed of before your move. We specialise in skip hire in Birmingham, and would be happy to discuss any requirements you might have.

Shredding Service

Obviously for some business sectors there are requirements to retain a certain number of years’ worth of paperwork, so this is something that will need to go to your new premises. If you don’t already use and external shredding service but you have a large amount of confidential paperwork to get rid of the now could be a good time to contact a local company, even if it is just for a one-off job. So, sort out any paperwork you no longer need to keep and give them a call.

New Furniture

If you are moving to a bigger office space and taking on new staff, then you are probably going to need some extra office furniture to accommodate them. Whilst some furniture can be ordered to arrive quickly it is probably not worth taking a risk. Decide what you need and order it in plenty of time. Have it delivered to your new premises and not the old ones otherwise you could end up paying more in removal costs.

Now you know what to arrange in advance, you’ll be far more likely to have a stress free office move!

Published by Maria Simpson