It's times like these when we need strong voices, and Alice Bag is just that kinda voice. Alice was a part of the very first wave of LA Punk bands that terrorized Hollywood and brought a whole new edge and mix of styles and flavours to underground music. This was back in 1976-77 when disco was king and glam was the alternative (?) 

This small group of bands and outcasts assembled around Brendan Mullen's club The Masque which was a dingy basement utilised as a rehearsal space by a bunch of the bands that made up the scene then. It opened in 1977 and was closed by 1978.

By the time of the shooting of Decline of Western Civilisation it was essentially over and a more violent younger suburban crowd got ahold of Punk Rock and turned it into a boys club of sorts. There was much more violence at shows and sexism and racism started to seep into scene. You saw less and less women in the scene, less diversity and bands like The Bags, The Screamers (who's main figure Tomata Du Plenty was once a Cockette (SF Guerilla Drag theater group) and the more colorful and musically daring bands quickly faded away to be replaced by the angst driven young suburban kids who wanted to play faster and faster and who were more interested in violence than change.

After the new wave took over, Alice Bag was one of those artists who became a footnote in the history of this scene. She was a strong Latina woman with something to say and finally she has released a book about her story! I just picked up a copy from her at her recent show here in SF and I look forward to devouring it shortly and I hope to report on that too. Until then, enjoy my Wordpress coverage of her show with more links to explore and more photo's and some video clips I put together for you to enjoy. Catch a rare glimpse into a very short lived scene faithfully represented by Alice's performance that night and I'm sure any night she performs. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to see her, do it!






Published by Jeff Klukowski