Sit back on the haystack
Bones & brain contained in a sack

Piano and violin pay me back when you can
I have no hands my eyes are blind my pants are on fire
My laughter staccato pliers clipping dire

Music play on me through my hair &
Ridges to doom that loop scary next rooms

The tires spinning orbit cars frozen in a cold stark sun visual choir

Smoke cloud hang in crystal-frost zero point stares
Twisting glare imps what you see there deep hole lair
A line writing typewriter alphabet codices on mushing brain splash partition wire

Glasses please explain yourself sir, hiccup!
Spill gold crusted emperor sane midnight cups
(shakes hand quickly)

Dawny orange ribbon faces stream negative slides of vacationary holocaustic
Ermmm bliss

Sela  ahhhh

We are all veterans of wars past no one speak up
Remember it is the river we felt black running below

Heavy currents drag flow slow release those prisoned of the cold
All these hand touching so

I read myself in a book once

Published by Tom Lopes