Since I found out I'd be welcoming Baby #3, I've been trapped in a whirlwind. J is  excited about becoming a dad and I'm still adjusting to the idea of pregnancy and the fact that I'm going to have a newborn again.

Ugh, Morning Sickness

A couple of weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or Severe Morning Sickness and prescribed Diclegis (which is a horrible sounding name for a medication). I'd had the HG since the beginning and it was so bad, I lost 8lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight. I stopped taking the Diclegis because it makes me extremely drowsy and I'm can't function at work on the meds. I haven't had a meal in weeks and I throw up everything I eat. Work has been very stressful and busy as usual, but I'm so thankful for my mom, and J who have both been super helpful and sweet. My in-laws are the best and I can't wait to hold my baby.


My doctor said that I should start feeling better in my second trimester, which is just a couple of weeks away! Things are about to get even crazier at work. I'll be traveling June 19-25 for business - heading to one of my favorite places on earth...Camp Wonder, a summer camp for children with skin diseases. I'm sad that I'll be leaving my family for a week (especially on Father's Day), but I'm thrilled to see all the kids and friends I met last year!

Change Is Coming

I have a feeling that eventually things are going to have change dramatically. I'm working way too many hours, and I can feel my priorities shifting to what's really important to me. I guess we'll see.


For now, I'll tough out the morning sickness and try to gain some weight. So far, this pregnancy sucks, but it'll all be worth it in the end. Next up, we're counting down the weeks until we can find out the gender. J is convinced it's a girl, so he's calling the baby Brooke, but we're all hopeful it's going to be a boy.


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For more information about Camp Wonder and Children's Skin Disease Foundation or to learn how you can help, please check out their website and donate if you can! 


Published by Tab Hampton