The summer of 2016 I went for 2 weeks to Canada. I couldn't believe my eyes, Canada is the most cleanest and most friendly place I have ever been. Everyone was so relaxed, polite and friendly to each other and it was clean everywhere.

My first stop was to Montreal, I didn't see much of the place because I spent some time with family. The second stop was to Niagra, I had lunch with a friend in the Niagra on the lake. It was the cutest little village I saw, just like in the movies. I went to the vinyards, not really my thing but if you're into the whole wine making, then you should go and have a look and a taste of course.

And ofcourse the Niagra falls, they were breathtaking and so beautiful. I can't even describe how amazing it was. Not only did I go to the falls, but I went to the Niagra river/whirlpool. Those where the most fascinating things I have ever seen. Then I had a little peek in the butterfly conservatorium, this is a must to see! And then the bird kingdom.

My last stop was Mississauga, didn't feel to keen on this place. And the city of Toronto, this was such a vibrant city and the buildings are so beautiful. There are some old buildings mixed between some new ones and you would think this isn't nice, but the canadians made it work. I went for a boat ride around the Toronto islands, those were so beautiful. If someone gave me a ticket and said if you want you can live there, I wouldn't second guess it, I'd take the ticket and leave.

For anyone who has the chance to go to Canada, make sure to put these places on your bucketlist!

Published by Aley L.