Oh, how short yet full you are to me.

Oh, February how amazingly arranged your days are.

History to start us off filled with such resilience, passion and fight.

Every February I get my mind back right.

Realizing who I am and where it is that I had come.

Realizing that the journey for me had just begun.

In this world surrounded by color, hatred and fear.

May we never forget why we are here.

To shake things up; make what has yet to be seen new.

And to make what has already been seen old.

Yet Day 14 is near, and all hearts are in cheer to feel

Loved by a special someone this year.

Is it common that the celebration month

For African Americans is also aligned with the global day of love?

Yet so beautifully supporting that fact that love wins all battles;’

Supporting the fact that we as black humans are exactly that HUMANS!

Our mindset should never be defined by the shade of our skin tones.

It should be based on what we create and achieve in this lifetime.

Let’s continue to speak love and not hate.

Oh February, what a beautiful way!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews