When you have a chronic illness, sometimes you’re not always in control of what happens to your body.

One of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease is unexplained weight gain, which is something (for me) that’s pretty noticeable. Honestly, whether or not I had gained wright is really none of anybody’s business but they always felt that they were entitled to point it out to me as if I didn’t already know.

“You’ve gained weight since we first met.”

“I see that you’ve finally put one some weight.”

“I thought you were trying to lose weight?”

“You were so tiny freshman year.”

These comments can be hurtful, especially from family members or “friends”. I got tired of hearing them, so I started telling the truth.

“Yeah I did, because weight gain is a symptom of my thyroid disease.”

This always surprised them. A lot of times the response was not “are you okay” or “how are you coping?” but “Oh. I didn’t know that you were sick.”

You’re right. You didn’t know. But that doesn’t excuse the things that you said. In fact, it’s the reason why you shouldn’t have been so judgmental. You have no idea what I’ve dealt with, what contributes to this disease, how it makes me feel, or what it does to my body. Yet, you still felt that you had the right to call me out on something that I can’t even control.

So the next time that you want to express your disapproval over my body, do me a favor. Don’t.

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Published by Rae Coleman