A blank sheet of paper

Waiting to be filled with life, with words

And, a smooth tipped parker, lively yet lonely

Looking for a chance to make love with the paper

By filling it up, emptying the self

But the writer, in a way, is running out of words

Without even having a single word written

And, there she is

Staring at her desk

Reminiscing her days of despair

When she filled a number of papers in no time

The intensity of her emotion now and then

Oh, it is all the same

But words, that once used to be her everything

Is no more really enough for her

And the silence, from what she ran away from

Is now a beautiful place to live on

She once had words rain all over tragedy

But none fits in the song of love

And there she is, wondering

“May be this is what love is

Where all the words end, and you live the silence together

May be this is what love is

Where silence is no more dark, but suddenly too bright

May be this is what love is

Where you have no urge to fill up the papers

For all the words have now dissolved within you

Yes, this is what love is!

For it’s a feeling that’s more than just a few words”

And there they are happily together

In the land of silence, so peaceful and full of life

Oh, the beautiful sheet of paper and the handsome Parker!



Published by Asmita Nepal