When you decide to live your dreams, the journey will be phenomenal. Phenomenal good and phenomenal bad!  Yes, that is what I said.  But when I found my dream a number of years ago, I began a journey that will go on forever, quite literally.  In all the good and bad, it will go on.  You will see your dream manifesting everywhere.  You become totally involved in the dream.  The term “reticular activation” came to my attention when I set out on this journey of Empower Excellence.  When you are focused on something, the Universe conspires to show you your dream in everything you encounter.  That is because our  brain is looking for this; the brain answers questions we put out to it.  It does not know reality and unreality; it only knows it is on a quest.  

Opportunities appear, songs are written for us, the sun and moon appear differently.  Once you acknowledge your dream, you change, and the Universe changes in reaction to that.  But beware, the work is up to you and you are just beginning

Published by Janice Marie