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Oh Vancouver! In a few words is a gorgeous city, there you can find the perfect combination of landscapes and beautiful buildings. An amazing and interesting place in Vancouver is the Stanley Park, there you can do almost everything! You can go and get relaxed at the beach or the pool, you can move around the park with a bike, you have spectacular views from the English Bay, the Stanley Park Pavilion, the Lions Gate Bridge, the West Vancouver and from the North Beach Mountains too! If you visit the Stanley Park you can't lose the Brockton Point Totems, that's something that you have to visit such as the 9 o'clock cannon, the Stanley Park is obviously a must do from Vancouver.

You can have a terrifying experience there on the Capilano suspension bridge which cross over the Capilano river and is 70 meters above the river! 

And another place that I love from Vancouver is the Granville Island Public Market, there you will find everything, you have a lot of places to eat, maybe it is not the cheapest market, but is affordable and it is worth.

I think that Vancouver is a very beautiful Island, I really fell in love with it!

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