Hey Green Beauties, How your summer is going?

I don't know you but when Summer is coming I feel the need to reduce my skin care routine to the minimum.  In summer months even my dry skin feels relieved and don't need anymore tonnes of lotions and creams.  Decrease all the bulk of products that are part of my usual skin care means to rely even more on the old good favourites! Oils and Castile Soap are the very basic components of my beauty routine since my first step into the green/organic world.

Do you know that with these two basic ingredients you can concoct an amazing makeup remover?! it's super easy to make and easy to take away during summer vacations, can we ask for more?!

This is basically a sort of liquid version of my beloved homemade cleansing balm (recipe here) thought when temperature rise there is no way to obtain a soft airy mousse from coconut oil because it melts into oil above 20° C. so, during summer months it's better to opt for a liquid version!


for 100 ml

  • 80 ml of vegetable oil (I went for a mix of coconut and sunflower) IMG_20170710_114652
  • 20 ml of Dr Bronner Pure Castile Soap

It looks like a biphasic makeup remover, so remember to give a good shake before application!

I use one or two pumps, I apply the product directly on wet face. In contact with water, this concoction turns out into a milky texture. The soapy component makes so much easier to get rid of the greasy residues, still, it 's preferable to pass to a second cleansing step to remove all the traces of makeup from your face.


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