I go, because I am like this city that is always changing and reinventing itself.

Did you ever experienced that feeling of no matter how old you are aging; it seems like you never left the school? For me the only thought of it scares me.

I had graduated from high school already some years ago, and when I did, I thought that well, somehow my class and I would manage to keep in touch, and also the rest of people who you get to meet when in high school, you know the unimaginable number of parties and other events that you get to attend as a teenager, but when everyone takes their own paths at the end of the day it can be only you, and that kind of works perfect for me since I have a lot of good memories from my days at school, but I am not exactly, or at least right now, the kind of guy that sticks to one thing. I want to try it all.

Isn't it the definition of grown up, to let go of what is keeping you from trying new things? I have read many lines saying that one has to create oneself instead of finding oneself, for me this was a 50/50 kind of situation. At my age, my head is going crazy, and that is added to what already every twenty-something guy is destined to experience. The thing is that you only leave high school, to meet the same kind of people at the university. "Kind", significant word that most people who may be reading this piece may hate from now on. There are so many kind of person, I actually heard that 7 types, but that can't be utter. Out of the blue, you end up meeting the same 'kind' of people and that's because of the many TV series and movies that portray characters that common people end up imitating until actually becoming like them. And this is so much a boring pathway to follow.

You can try to go with the flow, or you can just go. I go, because I am like this city that is always changing and reinventing itself. Becoming a grown up like in being treated like one is not the main goal here, but letting go of those things that no longer fulfill your short-run expectations and/or old ways, really is for me.

One of the worst feelings in life, is knowing that you are aging, but you are exactly in the same place that you were a year ago.  As for me, I never stopped meeting new people, but it is the already known ones that ask that single question that can make you reconsider how you are living your life. The single question: What do you do now? along with that look in their faces like they are waiting for you to impress them, but you are the same person that they once met.

People usually say 'never change' to those who are leaving their lives, but why wouldn't I change if I found myself being a twenty-something guy whose life is pretty much the same as that in high school, of course I would like a change.

The problem with trying new things often is the fact that you cannot just get rid of the people who is currently in your life because you want a change for it, and if one of those people happens to be a sibling of you, it is even more difficult to induce a turn up to your life.

If there is something that I learned the last nine months, is that you can't fight yourself out from doing what you want. You got to be what you got to be where you want to be, so I have decided to create my own way into this 'a change’ in my life that some people might not like me to go through, but it is essential for me.

Rather than trying to impress the people around us, look to impress yourself with what you can do, even if that means to let go of old ways that do not really help improve your current life to change.

Old ways, new ways, anyway.


Published by Gregorio Aguilera