Passion and fearlessness are the essential traits of a successful entrepreneur. It requires a great deal of effort and determination to convert dreams into realities. Passion enables entrepreneurs to capture the opportunities that others don’t even know about. The urge to succeed gives them an upper hand on their competitors and passion allows them to constantly improve.

Innovation is all about using existing technologies to derive something new and fresh. Great entrepreneurs constantly strive for new ideas. They remain curious and seek inspirations from all sources and directions to revise their thinking and practices. They are not afraid of taking risks which enables them to make fearless decisions. Adopting to different conditions and environments is extremely important when it comes to surviving in the industry. Entrepreneurs constantly look for the areas for improvements and opportunities to expand their business.

An idea can only get you inside the market but persistence is the quality that makes someone stay in the market. Those who have the courage to stand by their decisions are the ones who succeed eventually. Even if a person is with high intellects and incomparable talent, he can never build a successful company all on his own. Maximizing resources is the only way to get all the required things done for the business. Managing resources is another uphill task but it helps a lot in getting jobs done on time. Choosing the right time for upscaling the business is another useful attribute of a successful entrepreneur.

Identifying potential opportunities and making them count is very important in converting small startups into multinational organizations. Taking calculated risks is also unavoidable when the business is expanding and adding new resources. Hiring a consultant for this purpose is very common these days. Consultants provide in-depth analysis and insights which helps entrepreneurs to make the most of opportunities. Weighing up all the risks and the potential benefits should be the driving force of big decisions.

Olivier Attia has acquired a Master’s degree in Marketing along with an Engineering degree in Information System Management from University Paris, Dauphine. He also studied at the University of Paris, Pierre et Marie Curie where he earned an honors degree in Physics and Computer Science. He realized the importance of innovation before even starting his professional career.

When Olivier Attia was in the early stages of his professional career, he chose to be a consultant, helping out industry experts and organizations from 1994. This was his first stint as a consultant and who would have thought that he will own his own consultant firm in the future. After this, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Principal Manager in the section National Internet Practice. He was a part of PricewaterhouseCoopers from 1997 to 2000 where he used to provide consultancy solutions and strategic services based on e-commerce related strategic engagements.

Before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers, Attia worked as a consultant at ATOS Group. During his time at ATOS Group, he primarily focused on the integration of new technologies. This was the time when he played his part in the development of the first online banking system for a well-known bank. He also contributed to the development of several projects including the projects related to control quality such as sales force application for mobile operators and a carrier-class sales management platform for TELMEX.

Olivier Attia founded SCANBUY Inc. in 2000 primarily as a software company. This was the time when he got familiar with the mobile career market. During his tenure as the CEO of the company, he introduced the world’s first barcode scanning software technology designed for camera-based mobile phones. SCANBUY Inc. was included in the list of Breakout Companies of 2005 by Fortune Magazine. The company was also included in the list of Top 100 Companies by Red Herring. While he was the CEO of SCANBUY Inc., he was interviewed by several renowned TV channels including FOX News, ABC, NBC and Bloomberg TV about his understanding of mobile technologies. Attia established ClickOVA in 2006 to provide a mobile platform for the backup of cell phone content. ClickOVA was expanded to 193 countries in the period of two years with 260,000 active users across the world.

From 2008 to 2012, Olivier Attia worked as the CEO of Audionamix from 2008 to 2012. Audionamix is the distributor of audio source separation technology to the entertainment industry. Attia made the best use of his vast experience of technical management and consulting to make Audionamix a revolutionary force in the audio technology sector. In 2011, the company collaborated with Hans Zimmer to produce musical themes for “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." “West Side Story”, a classic musical, made the way for Audionamix to be featured in Forbes Magazine and the New York Times. Audionamix’s proprietary services were used to remove Vuvuzela from FIFA World Cup 2010.

Audionamix is also the creator of an ecosystem of strategic alliances which allowed Audionamix to emerge as the leader in source separation solutions in Los Angeles and New York. APM Music, XTracks, and Deluxe Audio are few examples of these partnerships. The clients of Audionamix include Warner Bros. Music Group, Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros. Animation, CBS, MGM and NBC/Universal.

In January 2013, Olivier Attia founded Gershon Consulting and hired experienced staff to make way for the European companies in the US market. He used his prior consulting experience to help the companies to achieve their deserved place in the market. By now, Gershon Consulting has worked with over 120 companies and raised over $10M in debt or venture to develop US activities.

Olivier Attia was aware of all the highs and lows of the market before starting his own businesses due to his decades-long experience. He has introduced several new technologies to the industry and improved some of the existing technologies with his innovative and unconventional ideas. Being the CEO for fifteen years for different companies gave him insights into the corporate world and corporate relationships. He has transformed the world of technology through his innovative and unconventional ideas and also become a helping hand for the organizations struggling to find their place in the market. 

Published by Julia Morison