I spent nineteen years of my life committed to becoming a professional ballet dancer. It was all I ever wanted. Waking up early, wearing cozy warmups during barre and sneaking in sips of coffee in between combinations, rehearsing all day, and performing. To this day, I still can't explain why I loved ballet so much, but my body loved how it felt dancing in that classical way. Being the full-blown Capricorn that I am, I'd make lists with bullet points to reach all of my goals as a dancer, and often, it worked. I figured 

Until I blew both of my knees out and had two serious knee surgeries done, which gradually led to the end of my pursuit of joining a professional ballet company.

 Ever hear the quote, "Life is what happens when you make other plans?" 
 That's where this adage comes into play.

And when we're thrown these obstacles that actually  force us away from something, we gotte dive deep. If we want to dive deep, then the first step is letting go. Let go of your plans, what you thought was "supposed" to be, what was "supposed" to happen. What do we do next, except follow what interests us. It may not be a scientifically proven theory...but it gets us onto a different road. If we're willing to change, that is.

 I let go of those old career plans to venture out find myself a little more. I started pursuing a different career that has my interest and only half the chaos that happens in the ballet world -- more on that another day. Still, here are many days where I wake up and I've whispered "WTF" to myself about a thousand times a day. And sometimes when I'm working on something I love, I'll still catch myself repeating the same phrase. All because I've jumped head first into the "grey area"

Finding a way has involved diving deeper. We see and feel what's on the surface; what's in front of our eyes. Who's around us.  What's behind us (figuratively and metaphorically). The environments we're in. Even the mental and physical states of health we're in. But we know, we just have this knowing deep at the core of our selves - that there is a better way. And maybe for some time, we do not know what that way is. And there may be a few routes we can take. 

  I can tell you now that this may seem intimidating at first - to suddenly recognize the thought that there must be a better way.

 But whatever that way is, it's a start. It's something. 


There isn't a true right - but, in my honest executive opinion, there's definitely a wrong. The wrong way 

Published by Dani Savka