Everyone expects inspiration to be an external source--something you see or passes by, and then it hits you. I've personally flocked to my favorite band or poet when I feel a bit of 'writer's block.' 

However, the word inspire comes from the Latin word 'inspirare' which means 'breathe or blow into.'

Think of blowing life into something you know/love/have experienced.

Write from within you, don't try to force something from the outside that moves you. You've had plenty of emotional, personal experiences you can trust. And if your life is a little uninspiring (like my own, most days...) think of areas that mean something to you, that you are passionate about. It can be political, ethical, environmental... Speak about what speaks to you. 

Give life to an emotion, a phrase, a scene--this is how writing and words become powerful. 

Published by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers