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At this age where social media takes control over everyone, and at the time when people would mostly prefer looking at their phone rather than your face, the time when people act so friendly and close inside social media websites but awkward and strange in person, it is hard to know when and where should we stop sharing everything.

I have this Facebook friend, who has an issue with one of her Facebook friends, and I happen to stumble upon a very long rant of hers about how disgusted she is and how wrong that FB friend was, and of course it ends with how she is so righteous and amazing.

But think about this, is slandering a person on social media really righteous and amazing?

Is your rage and public display of ill manners really worth sharing?

Honey, you need to take a deep breath and rethink your social media priorities.

If you have an issue with someone, confront them directly! Do not post a heavy rant about it then let your friends join in bullying this person, who, for a fact, doesn't know that he or she's being preyed upon.

You might hit me with the "Freedom of Expression" concept, but do you really understand the boundaries of your freedom to express? Are you enlightened enough about it to use it as a semblance for bullying?

There's is nothing wrong with sharing how you feel on social media. Some people find it calming and it releases all their stress. What's bad is that you abuse it. You don't need to let everyone know about your business and convince them that you have an exciting life. You are much more smarter and wiser than that.

Yes, I know it is your account but in the end every one of us must know how to use it responsibly. Know the power of your every post and the impact that it might make towards the people that can read it.

At the end of the day, the impression about your rant will fall heavily upon you, whether it is good or bad. People will talk behind your back and once you learn about it, you're gonna post a heavy rant. The cycle starts again!

Why don't you use your social media sites to inspire people or to make them laugh? Make use of it as if you are standing on a stage in front of your hundreds of followers and every thing you post/say will garner a reaction from them. Maybe if you put it in that perspective you will be more cautious regarding the things that you share.

So, be a responsible consumer of social media, not the other way around!


Thank you for reading :)

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