When about 15 years ago, I have tasted Africa in my motherland, something really deep hit my soul, even that I was still a child. 
In a pretty hermetic society in a small town of Libiaz, southern Poland, I had an occasion to see live, something shown on Discovery Channel, which that time in that environment was an exclusive feature, determinating social status of having cable television and any view on the world. I was always fascinated with exotic cultures antropology, far and unknown, unreachable - one would think at the time. Then the day came. My aunt, living next door, few years before the day, met a Congolese man, who at that time played music with his band, travelling the Europe. They came to our town, to give concert in a small club around. God; or luck, wanted they have met. And so he stayed. I remember myself as a child seen him and his family and friends, coming over to the house next door. I liked him alot, as a very friendly and intelligent man. "Mathematics is a queen to all sciences, if you like mathematics, it likes you back; and so all the sciences will." he said once to me. 

So the day they were getting married, a small boy, son to his friend, was also attending the wedding. I was about 10 - while he was maybe 5. "I love you, I will marry you one day" he said. I won't forget the feeling of touching his curly, exotic hair. That period of time wrote itself in my memory so hard, that in this day of today I remember it as if it happened yesterday. That became obvious for me, that I will marry an african man one day. 

The taste of Congolese Piri-Piri still itches my tongue, wanting me in some way to have more and more of it. Traditional attires and the happiness, almost jumping out from African people's hearts, made an impression and stamped itself in me, really hard. 
It happened as expected. I have married an african man. Wasn't a big surprise to me, but was alot more exciting than marrying Polish man would probably ever be. After years of having Africa in my mind, the more anybody ever said any racist thing to me, the more it was growing and getting stronger in me. I did never understand, how one individual could think that way. 

Now, I am living in Ghana, West Africa, with my Nigerian, Igbo originated husband and our beautiful mixed son, who I adore more than anything. The moment plane landed on this ground of sun, boldness and air almost smelling its history and tradition, I was finaly feeling at home. 

Africa is the most unappreciated continent of all excisting continents in this world. It is more interesting than anything would ever be and it is here, ready to learn about it. 

What happened in my life 15 years ago, shaped who I am now, completely. It is belived, for everything to be written for each of us - and if it was so - thanks to the author of my personal book of life. 


Oyinbo Nwunye,

Ghana, 2016.

Published by Oyinbo Nwunye