The novel opened with Kaaro, an enhanced human. He was having feelings which were not his, working in an office which wasn’t his main job. His real job, so he thought, was as a government interrogator.  But Xenosphere knows better.

He could feel this, the eluded purpose of his life. So Kaaro lacked everything mundane: no love life or a family interconnectedness.  Life had no meaningful direction. It was a drag.  As a child, with no real concept of the future, Kaaro after discovering his gift would become a thief. And the money gotten went to lap dancing and in showering flamboyant gifts to his trophy girlfriend.

His boss describing him wrote: “ Kaaro started working for us in 2055. We sought him out because our sensitives were unable to find Oyin Da, a.k.a Bicycle Girl, which was a priority for the administration at that time…. According to professor Ileri, who trained him, Kaaro is the most powerful psychic operator known to us…. That said, he is sexist, materialistic, greedy, insolent, and amoral. When he was young he stole regularly even though his parents were not struggling financially…. He has not formed any long-term relationships and the psychological profile suggests that this is related to a fractious relationship with his mother. Initially when I met him he would use humour and garrulousness to create distance between himself and others. After the Utopicity Incident, he became withdraw and did things automatically, without passion. He lives alone, has no pets, has no real friends, and as far as I know does not live for anything. He is considered a low to moderate suicide risk should the right condition occur”.

This apathy to living was not just Kaaro thing, it was the usual lifestyle for most of the sensitives. Nike Onyemaihe, a sensitive that gifted Kaaro with the talent that made him became the most sensitive around, died a regrettable death of prostitution.

As the saying goes: peace comes after a war.  Kaaro’s life changed to meaningfulness when the Xenosphere came calling with death. And it was in a tragic way. Kaaro soon saw himself as a man with a purpose as he investigated to find out what was killing all the people of his kind. He would never get the answer until it was his time to die. But there was a choice to be made even at that point: to still be a human with mortality or an entrapped divine, the plan of the Xenosphere.

 Rosewater is a compelling tale of an alien invasion in Nigeria. Written in a simple language and with believable characters.

ROSEWATER comes out 15th November, but is available for pre-order now at .


Published by Ezeiyoke Peter