This originally appeared on The Passion of Christopher Pierznik

They won’t come. The words just won’t come.

You’re ready. You’re willing. You’re able.

You’re eager for the process to begin.

You’re in your favorite spot to compose, where some of your best stuff has come flooding out of you.

Your fingers hover above the keyboard and……..nothing.

There’s just nothing there.

Maybe the muse is just late.

You open up your web browser and waste fifteen minutes. You rearrange some things on your desk and file away some paperwork. You click and unclick your pen about forty-two thousand times in a row.

You take a deep breath, close everything, eliminate all distractions, and look at the screen.

The screen stares back at you, the blinking cursor a winking eye of Mordor.

It’s been like this for days, maybe even weeks.

You know that you’re not alone.

Everyone has experienced this and many of them have written about it. Hell you’ve written about it.

So why are you writing about it right now? Why are you typing this very sentence?

Because maybe, just maybe, writing about writer’s block will defeat my writer’s block.

To be continued…

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