It is amazing how liberating the feeling of pen on paper is,

the carefully written strokes,

the smooth curves of alphabets,

the formation of words from intangible ideas.

It is amazing how clear my mind becomes as I write,

the thunderous crash of emotions as I transcribe my ideas on paper,

pouring out every single essence of feeling and thinking,

each word put down with a purpose,

to create a picture of a thought for others to see.

It is amazing how great writers write,

their stories full of emotions,

each part playing a larger role in keeping the reader engaged,

each line carefully thought out,

carefully curated.

It is amazing how writing connects people together,

sharing experiences and stories through the common medium of language,

allowing us to superimpose ourselves into the countless worlds beyond our reach,

allowing us, for once, to experience the world through the heart of another.



Published by Mohamad Hakim