As I sit here and watch my two year old grapple with the fact that the universe doesn’t revolve around him, I realise how each stage of life can seem the hardest. I’m once again reminded that it’s about our perception of a situation rather than the circumstances and what is happening TO us.

Life seems so sweet when you’re a little newborn, everyone is cooing over you and every little squeak gets a delighted applause from those observing the tiny human. Things turn upside down when you reach the ‘terrible twos’, for some perhaps even a little bit earlier. Rolling around on the floor is cute the first few times (especially when you do it slow mo like my little man in case he gets hurt) but thereafter it doesn’t go down well. I sometimes wish I could express my anger and frustration that way. Wouldn’t it be nice to just fall down and kick and scream to feel better and then move on with life?

And so each different stage of life, be it the teenage hormonal years, the new adulthood or first time parent, can feel like the worst one. We can choose to view it differently though. We can choose to see each new phase as an adventure. The next new thing to experience that helps us grow and become better at this thing called life.

So I think the best is to take it on with gusto - enjoy each stage for what it is, being present. It's about the journey, not the destination. How that journey goes will be up to you. So make it the best ride ever!

Published by Natural New Mama