Every now and then one can hear the echo of people passing by and saying "come on, we only have one life" or something along the lines "man, you only live once, just go for it". Sometimes, that is exactly what we want to do - just go for it. Sometimes, we are stopped by some feelings, limits and other white noise that stops us from living our lives. So what is the key to living your life to the fullest?

Follow your heart: yes, you have heard this a million times but trust me this is true. People will always have something to say or comment and there is nothing people love more but give an advice on what to do in your life. But last time I checked, it is your life - so why dwell on something someone once said?

Define what is right or wrong for you:  what your neighbours and/or friends are doing might be right for them but wrong for you. Just because half of your friends are getting married or having babies, doesn't mean that you have to do that too.

Timing: Timing is everything. You might not have what you want at a certain time but if you are patient and the right time comes to you, you might have even more than you wanted in the first place.

Hopefully, you will have a few more items to this so far very short list. It's true we only have one chance @ life and sometimes risking for something greater, might be the best thing that happens to you in life. And even if you take a fall or things don't work out immediately well for you, that's also fine. We learn from mistakes, stand up and move forwards with the head held high because the greatest adventures are still yet to come! Even if the rest of the world is convinced that the choices you are making are indeed the right ones for you, it only takes one person to believe. So if you believe in yourself, in your life and in the choices you are making - you are on the right path of making your life count!

Published by Karina Saakyan