Not sure how many people watched the Democratic Debate last night, but in case you missed it, there was one take away from all three candidates questions- IT'S ALL ABOUT ME.

No its not the Candidates that sound terribly self serving, they would never get elected it they sounded like that. But the Iowa voters, and for that matter, the Connecticut voters, the NY voters, the Texas voters, the Cali voters- do you get where I am going with this? Yes American voters, are self interested, complainers who care nothing for the greater good, and can only frame an argument in terms of "What about me?" And that ship just won't sail.

Of the 40 or so questions posed at last nights debate, 38 started and ended with the premise of "How are you going make my life better?" Two questions, one from a senior man who was voting for Hillary and one for a Muslim Airforce Vet mother, had something to do with the Global condition and other people's interests. But by in larger the questions posed by the audience and moderator trended toward how can you get ME health insurance? How can you get ME better pay? How can you get ME a better life? ME ME ME ME ME.

And its not just this election where the self interest abounds in the US, what about at Christmas with the Door Buster sales, where little old ladies take on 300 pound men to fight to death over a low cost television? And what about the old NIMBY- we wanted more prisons, sewage treatment plants, landfills , what have you, and of course Middle Class America through the 60's 70's and 80's said to the world, "Not in MY BACKYARD" That lead to crises like Flint and Bridgeport and Chicago and the otherwise alienation of Inner City America from Suburban America and is now leading to an environmental health crisis that is most recently embodied by the Water Crisis in Flint but part of a larger generation trend that has lead to wholesale poisoning of the inner city populations of America, and no no one wants to fix it.

And of course the biggest of all "all about me" issue in the world today, their environment. Oh dont tell me I have to pay for my own washed a away beach house due to Ocean sea level rise? Dont tell me I have to pay more for Gas to own my SUV? Don't tell me I have to take shorter showers because we are running out of Fresh water? Didn't you know the whole damn planet is all about MEEEEEEE?

The ALL ABOUT ME country we live in, didn't start yesterday. It is not a function of the Donald or the 2016 election. It's been around for a very long time, and that is how Bill Clinton got elected, How George W got elected, and of course how Obama got elected, they pandered to the All About Me populus and, guess what, the Koch Brothers are the biggest all about me people out there. How do you think the 1% justifying their greed? IT's ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEE!

I learned the dangers of all about me when I ran my Non profit. Everyone wanted to go sailing, but nobody wanted to pay the bills. Everyone wanted their kids to learn to swim, but no one wanted to pay the insurance. It was  a galactic failure by as my friend John called it, "The Pirates who dont do anything". And he was right- all hands fighting for their own interest makes for failure for everyone and that's where we are as a country whether we like it or not.

If we want a country for the people and of the people, we need a country by the people. It's not enough to complain and vote, you have to do something. Get involved in your community. Oh sure the officials don't like you to get involved, because that is what they get paid to do, so if you help they don't get to do their job in peace. But then you have to pay them to do their job and we get a huge bureaucracy. The only time they want to see you down at City hall is to vote and pay taxes, the rest of the time, they want you to stay home. And that's how we got here.

Maybe that will be the one takeaway of this election cycle. Because I think it is starting to become obvious to a larger group of people that what we are doing isn't working any more. I can only hope. Can you help?

Published by Christopher Richard