( MAN )


Look at me 

I’m a picture of shame

I fell from the wall

I broke my frame

I lost my game

I lost my fame

My baggage is lost

That  I couldn’t even claim

I’m biting my hands

I have no one to blame

I tried to pray

But  it was not the same


“Graveyards are full of inevitable people “

Yes look at you 

Who’s talking

You forgot who you were

Flesh and blood made by clay

You lost the game

The one you didn’t play

Lost your fame ?

You were just a needle in the hay

You sold your soul for a name

You have become the devils prey

I gave you a chance

But you ran away

You wanted to pray

when your black hair turned grey

Oh, mankind

You have too many plans

For your shorter stay


© 2016 thefallingthoughts.com All Rights Reserved


Published by Yaz Mariano