At times, I crib about my present, my past what I didn’t achieve(which is good); but cribbings don’t ever stop. There’re people like me and moreover more than me – complain crib and cry about anything and everything. Starting from country’s politics; intolerance that the government has created; bad roads; bad bosses; bad this thing and bad that thing and how they miss out good opportunities.

I’m not all that sad but i do crib about the roads and etc.

Cribs and complains never ends.

As they say, cribs and complains are luxuries of those who have something in life to complain about.

Why am i saying all these things?

I’ve been reading a lot these days – about Malala Yousfzai; about girls who are forced to FGM; those people who are stuck in war ridden countries – how much they’re suffering and how much is stripped off from their lives their homes for no mistake of theirs and yet we are cribbing and complaining about petty things. 

So much of news these days about people protesting against intolerance; calling the government incompetent as they’re brandishing one religion and all.Well, come on, how I so wish you switch places with those who are not allowed to even lift their eyes and look let alone to talk or crib. LOL

We need to –
– thank our stars that we’re born and brought up in the neighborhood where there’s no violence
– thank our stars to be free to get whatever education we want, whatever clothes we want to wear, whatever food we want to eat, which ever place we want to go visit… the list goes on…
– thank our stars to have family members who are supportive and let us be what we want to be
– thank our stars to be religious to how much ever extent we want – we dont like it, we can chose to ignore
– thank and respect what we have got as our dear lives are much better and fortunate than those who’re suffering…

I’m sorry but I’m losing it with those “we” who just crib their way to life..

In end, at least be grateful..

Published by Su Srikanth