This is a short poem about trying to find the answers to problems in places, where answers don't usually reside. Enjoy the read, more poetry can be found on Facebook.

You walked out, I chased your reflection in this glass 

Tried to find you in some run down bar after dark

Raised a glass to the future, trying to drown out the past

Another broken promise, that I knew couldn’t last

Convinced myself I wasn’t drinking you away

If my wish come true, you’d stay, would I be the same

 Would I be falling apart and waking up dazed?

Just wasting my days, trying to take you away


You see the weight I gained, the things I’d say

The tequila fades and through to the thinking faze

The depression sinks in, relive all the drinks, you paid

Think of all the time you spent, a wasted day

Waste a week, drink and escape your weakness

Every day, raise a glass, to breaking free

Lie and tell yourself that you love the taste it leaves

The bitterness you hate but claim to be as sweet


You only live once, get drunk on a Tuesday

Live the champagne lifestyle, this is your stage

Your hearts in pain but the script still plays

You made it this far, it’s too late to change

Who said ‘one little drink never hurt anyone’

Waiting on the answers that may never come

I can see clearly now through these forgotten years

That I don’t need you and I don’t want this beer



Published by Glenn Thomas