"Of all our games, love's play is the only one which threatens to unsettle the soul..."

― Marguerite Yourcenar

I didn't even last two months.

What is it about your first love that makes it different from all others? Not that I've had a second love. I'm still reeling from my first.

It took less than two months for me to break the no contact rule. I couldn't help it. I had been doing fine, even going entire days without thinking about him. And then BOOM! It came out of nowhere; this urge to reach out to him. Suddenly I had to try and see if we could give our relationship another try. He wasn't interested in that idea.

So I'm starting over. It's been all of three days since I've last contacted him.

I had never wanted to be one of those girls. The girls that haven't gotten over their ex yet and are still obsessing and thinking about him months after the breakup. Why can't I move on already? What was so special about him? I had read so many romance novels and had these ideals of falling for the perfect guy. My ex was far from perfect but somehow. . . . his flaws became endearing. I didn't care that he didn't fit my idea of the perfect guy. I was in love and he was mine.

Except he's not anymore. And I'm now one of those girls.

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