One piece is renowned for it's over the top characters and humorous tone, but it's when we see the more serious side of the series that makes it worth reading. While its clear that Sanji needs to reject Luffy due to his unfortunate situation and he's not serious, it's still difficult to watch. Part of what Sanji said to Luffy was truth, it is against his best interest to leave with them at this time.


Sanji vs Luffy

Regardless Sanji's begins to attack. Luffy announces that he is unwilling to fight back, Sanji attacks with a barrage of his signature moves. After fighting Cracker for almost a day, Luffy doesn't have much left anyway. Throughout the assault images of Luffy and Sanji's first meeting and early adventures are flashed.


Luffy's sacrifice

When Luffy is temporarily knocked out, Sanji returns to his family and they begin leaving. Luffy awakens and gives one of his powerful speeches. He tells Sanji that he will not leave until Sanji returns and will go on hunger strike as well because without Sanji he can't become pirate king. It's helpful to be reminded that a pirate can't become king without his/her crew. 


Sanji's isn't serious

While Sanji's insults were cruel, I found it hard to believe that either Luffy or Nami would by that. Considering all that they've been thorough together, I found it unconvincing that they would quickly believe he had changed. If Sanji's did anything he impressed his family with his brutality and power. Considering the fact that his family doesn't know him well that seems plausible. It may seem silly to some but Luffy's hunger strike is a big deal considering his love of food. This chapter reminded me that Luffy may be the main protagonists but he's nothing without his crew.


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Published by Jerrell Robertson