One Piece – Chapter 845

The Enraged Army


Luffy won’t be moved

After the events of the previous chapterLuffy continues to lay in the spot, reiterating that he will not move. Nami reminds him of Big Mom’s ability to seek vengeance, when one of her commanders are defeated. Luffy is as stubborn as ever and still will not move, nor will he eat, even going as far as to turn over during the storm so he won’t even consume one drop.

Sanji, Big Mom, Judge have dinner

Big Mom and Judge finally have dinner

Big Mom Rage

Suddenly, a storm rolls through, as Big Mom begins to rage. The “enraged army” begins to march to “avenge” lord Cracker. Sanji’s brother comments on the army going to “kill,” Luffy and the army features several “high bounty” pirates. I like Big Mom’s powers, they are powerful but also feature he weird Disney like theme. I think it will be a long time before we see Luffy facing off against Big Mom, however, I wonder if Nami will gain any weather powers during this arc. It’s also possible that she will become an important part of this arc in some other way.

Luffy takes on the enraged army, as Pudding hugs Sanji.

Luffy takes on the enraged army, as Pudding hugs Sanji.


Sanji’s concern

Sanji is understandably concerned for Luffy’s safety, while his brother is sure Luffy will move. While at dinner with Big Mom, Pudding gives Sanji a message to meet her in her room later. When he arrives she asks for forgiveness for failing Luffy and the others. Sanji acknowledges that he is all alone and reveals his face to Pudding to show her proof that his family isn’t working in his favor. I think Sanji will marry her, but it seems too easy that this will solve his problems. I think unfortunately his mentor will probably still be killed, as I’m convinced that his family is that difficult. Furthermore, I don’t think Pudding will survive this arc, she’ll probably will sacrifice herself.

Published by Jerrell Robertson