Have you ever been so worn out by a situation that in your mind you have decided that giving up was the only sensible option? I have! Too many times actually. So many times that I have actually started to think that perhaps this never ends.

Truth is life will forever dish out experiences and some will be challenging and giving up will always be an option. Even worse is giving up will always seem like the easiest option. You know why? Because it is the easiest choice. As a matter of fact you don't have to do anything in order to give in. Just lay in your nothingness  and just like that: you have achieved giving up!

I remember listening to a talk on radio some time ago and the lady being interviewed was asked why she hasn't given up. She responded by saying that the only reason she hasn't given up was because giving up can always be done, at any stage of the process. She continued to say that because she can decide to give up at any time she chooses that time to be at the very end. The end being after she had tried ABSOLUTELY anything she could in order to make the situation better, and she failed. Only then would she give up!

I found her reason so profound that I decided to adopt it from then on. That's it, that is now my reason for carrying on! It's true that I can always decide to give up at any time. So let me carry on just to see if things don't change and if they don't then I'll give up or not...

Published by Aphelele 'Aphsie' Chonco