Its normal to feel love. Each one of us experienced love at least once or twice in our lives. However, some were not so lucky in love.

“There are all kinds of love in the world. But never the same love twice”– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Some are lucky to find love that lasts and endures. A love that is loyal, sweet and pure. But there are people who suffer from one sided love.

How do you know you’re in a one-sided love? Those who love but are not loved in return usually experience the pain and heartaches of unrequited love.

Here are the telltale signs of one-sided love:

  1. You initiate most communication.  You’re the first to text or to call but most of the time you didn’t receive a reply. You put extra effort in order to see each other but if you didn’t, several days will go by without a single hello.
  2. He/She never return the favor. Most of the time you help him/her out.  You went out of your way to accommodate his/her needs but didn’t received the same favor in return.
  3. He/She choose other people over you. A sure sign that you’re in a one-sided love is if the person you care about doesn’t value you more than other people. If he/she went somewhere with friends and doesn’t invite you to come then he doesn’t think of you at all.
  4. He/She comes to you for love advice. One of the hurtful things in a one-sided love is that the person of your interest comes to you for love advice. Since you care for him/her, you help him/her with love problems even though it pains you.
  5. He/She says he/she love you but as a friend only. Even though he/she cares for you, went out of his way to help you and always spend time with you, he/she only see you as a friend.
  6. He/She doesn’t appreciate you. The saddest thing a person in a one-sided love can feel is being ignored and not appreciated. When you did things for him/her and he/she didn’t even say thank you or didn’t complimented you. When the person you care about passes by without a single glance in your direction, then he/she doesn’t care about you.
  7. When in the crowd, you cannot attract his/her attention. If the person you love doesn’t look at you, search for you or tries to catch your attention when you’re in a crowd, then he/she doesn’t care for you.
  8. You justify his/her behavior. When he/she forgets to greet you on your birthday and other special occasions, you make up excuses for him. You keep on being understanding of the way he/she treats you.
  9. He/She doesn’t care for you. Plain and Simple. When you feel down, stressed out or in a difficult situation, he/she doesn’t comfort you. If the person is not concerned about your well-being and happiness, then you are in a one-sided love. If he doesn’t have any interest towards your day to day life or doesn’t have the time to check what’s happening in your life, he/she simply doesn’t care.

Its normal to feel this things. Its normal to do things for the person you love, but if its a one-sided love, up to what extent are you willing to sacrifice?

Published by Anabelle Suravilla