There will always be people in your life who you’ll love no matter how much they hurt you.”



Often taken as a dis-grace or concluded as a setback, one-sided loves are under-estimated widely among people. I personally, being a fan of the concept of love finds one-sided loves as one of the most pure feelings ever. We’ve seen people loving the ones who loves them, we’ve seen people wishing for people to love them as much as they love them and then we’ve all known some losers who continues to keep loving the one who would never love them.

 I don’t really believe in the process of falling out of love. Yes, people do move on but that’s only when they start loving themselves more or when they start loving someone else more than the one they used to love but the love initially never fades. It stays in our heart but as an outdated version of love.

As for the one-sided love, we all have to agree that it is comparatively easier to love someone knowing that they loves you too rather than to be in love knowing that your feeling wont be reciprocated EVER. There are hopes which are always present that maybe one day it will be reciprocated but eventually you just loses that hope and continues loving without such expectations.

You know that the one whose smile makes your heart dance won’t even notice your smile. The one you stay up thinking about, your thought will never cross their minds. The sense of their safety gives you a satisfaction whereas they are unaware of your existence. You pray for their happiness before your own even if you know that you won’t be a part of it. Knowing all the downfalls and still you continue to love, is what I believe requires the most loyalty and courage.

Human nature makes us intended to seek someone who could love us and we could reciprocate their feelings but going against it is the charm of single sided feelings. Being selfless is what that increases its credibility. The beloved stays in your heart even if they are not in your life and you are happy with knowing that they’ll always be there without any influence. You don’t expect anything from them even though you are ready to give everything for them.

I may sound like a desperate here but the exquisite pain I’ve noticed in these types of feelings are the ones which I adore the most. One sided feelings are the ones of which a person should be proud of instead of being sorry for themselves. Not everyone is capable of going through that and surviving. I believe that falling in love is easy but staying is not, especially after knowing that you’ll be left all alone in the end.

“Love which is independent of the beloved feelings is the love which carries the most pain along with the most satisfaction.”

Published by Ramsha Tahir