It's already almost time for the spring semester to begin. I have no idea where all the time went during this Christmas break. I've been trying to gather all the necessary components for moving up in the "art world." Lately it has taken me a lot to get into gear, I've been commissioned a few pieces that I am excited to start. I also sold my first piece via gallery, a very exciting life event for me. I just recently purchased a camera to take better quality photos of my work, I thought it was about time.

Currently I am working on developing a gallery exhibition. This has proved to be a challenge because it involves a lot of words and as an artist, that is something I lack. It takes me a bit to condense a ton of ideas into one concept. Honestly, I've been putting it off since November. I think it is more work than  I expected but I know it will be a great accomplishment once I have it all together.

I'm still an artist assistant for a local artist and things are going well in that area of my life too. I was just helping her with Christmas portraits and caricatures and in February I will be assisting her with portraits she does at a rodeo. I always think back to before I started working with her, I wasn't even sure I wanted to take the job. I kept asking myself if I really wanted to do it and I kept telling myself "you're doing it whether you want to or not." In the end, I have learned so much from her and this opportunity has proven to be so incredibly valuable, I would've been an idiot to not take it.  Reflecting on this makes me think about who I will be when it is time for me to pursue other opportunities.

My schedule for this semester might be everything except exciting. Let's just say putting off core classes leads to a boring junior/senior semester. On the bright side, I can't wait to tackle my upper level painting and drawing classes. Plus, work seems to produce itself when it is school projects and it's always nice to continue developing skills.

All in all, I think this year will be full of great things and I'm hoping I'll have more exciting things to write about!



Published by Brie Henderson