When their mum takes Charlie and Lola to the shops and tells them they can get one thing for a treat, Charlie asks "one thing each?" This simple question leads to a great story about numbers and sharing.

This bright and engaging book is filled with numbers; from counting birds and stickers to telling the time, numbers are everywhere in this book.

With Maths and numbers being something we deal with on a daily basis, Lauren Child has done a great job in incorporating numbers into this lovely little story.

This book features Charlie and Lola. Unfortunately for me that really didn't mean anything because I have no idea who Charlie and Lola are. Going into this book not knowing who Charlie and Lola are did worry me but it turned out it didn't make a difference to the story. I'm assuming it will excite people who know who they are but if you don't, don't sweat it.

This books illustrations were absolutely fabulous. They were bright, bold and crazy. In a good way of corse.

One Thing by Lauren Child is a great book that is not only a delightful little read but a great learning tool for children.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker