It sounds better in Italian than English, because it has more artistic power.

 We live in a world of many colors and flavors and our mission is to discover this throug our lives.

Therefore, All The Small Things Matters, and one of them is “LA ISPIRAZIONE”.

“LA ISPIRAZIONE” it is the thing that keeps us alive and also is the feed to create.

Without this, we are Zombies in a Madness World.

 “LA ISPIRAZIONE” is necessary in any stages of our lives.

This is my reason, to write.

Therefore, through writing I am creating another world.

I call it, “The World of Colors”.

In forthcoming posts I’ll create a new world to inspire you through the words and COLORS , to find “LA ISPIRAZIONE”.

It sounds tough right? But I'm going to try.

I think, the world would be a better place to live when everyone love what they do.

In life, the little things can make big changes in the world.

So, my “World of Colors” is something big but also small on the global scale. You decide it!

“Piano, piano si va lontano” (Italian Quote).

I hope you like.

See you soon. 



Published by Andrea Mazzei