Learning how to play a guitar might not be easy as it seems. You need someone to teach you and that is why in this era it is easier to learn through online platforms. The main benefit of online lessons is the convenience provided. This is in terms of learning at any time and according to your schedule without missing anything. Whether you want to learn about the best beginner electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and classical guitar. All the information is just one click of a button away.

All the online platforms provide lessons that are conversant with you. Whether you are at the beginner level, intermediate level or experienced level. Lessons are scheduled to cater for every group especially the beginner level.

Online guitar classes provide the most basic items that a beginner should learn which we will discuss at length. All you need to have is your preferred guitar type and schedule a lesson that suits your preference and schedule.

Fingerpicking technique

At the beginner stage, you should learn how to fingerpick your guitar. It can be on how to position your fingers and the various styles of fingerpicking. Start with the easiest positions and styles while you head on to more advanced ones. Take your time learning a particular technique until you are good at it. Once you feel you have mastered a certain style move on to the next one until you become a pro. That is what online lessons will provide you with.


If you want to become a good guitarist you should first start to learn guitar chords. These chords are provided in charts. The first chords to learn are the open chords. These are the chords that have one or more strings that you will play without having to press your finger down on them. Once you have mastered all the open chords. You can start learning how to play chord tunes. Start playing a chord per bar on your first beat. Later, you can add a strumming rhythm after you are able to play chords cleanly enough and quickly.


Key items that you should learn from online lessons are scales. This is because learning scales will help you understand how to play various tunes and the guitar music theory. In order to play a particular scale, start with playing one note at a time. This is completely different compared to playing chords. Also, it is advisable that you play scales since they are perfect in warming up your fingers.

The proper hand fret posture

A proper hand posture and good habits are important to the beginner while learning on how to play a guitar. The reason for applying a proper technique is that in the long run bad habits and improper postures will lead to injuries such as back, elbow, neck and wrist pains, tendonitis and other bad side effects. To avoid this, you must learn the correct posture of holding the fret.

A proper hand fret requires that your sitting position should be comfortable. The thumb of the hand that holds the fret should be behind the neck of your guitar, approximately between the first two fingers. At this stage you are able to learn about the correct strumming technique, right hand positioning, correct handling of the classical and electrical guitars and also the right positioning while using a pick or your fingers.

 The Anatomy of the guitar

For any beginner it is important to learn about the parts of a guitar from the online lessons. The first part to know is the fretboard. The fretboard is the area where you press your fingers in order to play a chord or note. The bridge is responsible for holding the strings in place. There are also the machine heads or the headstock. Machine heads are important because they help you to lower or raise the pitch of every string.


As a beginner you should aim to learn all the notes of the guitar. A note is different from a chord in that a note is what you hear after plucking one string while a chord is a group of notes that are played together at the same time. For an acoustic guitar the notes are E, A, D, G, B, E from the lowest to the highest.

Learning about the fretboard

It is important for any beginner to learn the fretboard. If you master the fretboard chart and combine with great hearing and technique. You can easily pass through any challenge faced while playing a guitar.  For instance, there is an intervallic relationship that exists in between each string. The tuning of the guitar string is in intervals of 4ths from the lower string to the highest. Such a relationship is true for all the sets of strings except in between the 3rd and 2nd string. While playing the guitar you have to consider the symmetrical relationship of the strings and how to compensate for the exception.

Guitar maintenance

Learning on online platforms does not only involve playing the guitar but also proper maintenance of your guitar. Proper maintenance is crucial because that's the only way your guitar will serve you well during the training session and after the sessions are over. As a beginner you are supposed to learn on the proper methods of maintaining your guitar that involves cleaning, tuning, storing and changing the strings.

Final Verdict

Learning how to play a guitar by enrolling in online lessons is much easier and more efficient. The lessons are well structured to meet your needs and cheaper as opposed to hiring a private tutor. All you need is to select a schedule and subscription that works for you. You also get the benefit of learning more from the other beginners who are in the same platform as you are in case there are forums provided.

Take advantage of online lessons provided by various professional guitarists and you will be on your way to becoming a member of such a team. Be sure to understand the kind of songs you want to play and the kind of guitar that is suited for that song. 

Published by Joseph Nicholls