I never have a knack for online contest/competition but there was this very one I entered. A wig was on display as the first prize and I really wanted it so I went for it. I entered the competition and started soliciting for votes *it is not a very easy task*.

It took a long week for the competition to come to an end and I realized I was losing sleep to keep up with this particular competition. I wanted to win this sleek wig at all cost. At some point I got discouraged because I failed a test but I just couldn’t see me back out when I look at the amount of people who had spared out of their precious time to vote for me and also go the extra mile to tag their friends, I just couldn’t let them down and me most especially so I kept pushing.

It finally came to an end 8 heaves sigh of relief* and I didn’t win but I came second and I won some make up sturvs*in falz the bahd guyz voice*. But I learnt a lot about social media, friends and life:

  • Silent friends: Most people are actually online. Because they don’t post pictures doesn’t mean they aren’t online.
  • Personalized tags/ mention: I had to tag and mention my followers because I needed them to help me out and most of them responded.
  • Followership: My followers are a little above a thousand but I don’t have a personal relationship with most of them, so some of them didn’t want to go the extra mile but some did.
  • New friends gained: People I didn’t know actually went the extra mile for me genuinely so I gained new friends.
  • Difference in success drive: Some people were just reluctant to like the post. It wasn’t as if they had issues with me, they didn’t just share the same success drive with me.
  • Old friends: Those contact I haven’t talked/spoken to in years were very helpful. Always keep in touch.
  • Be Optimistic: “It’s not the end until it’s the very end”. I kept reminding myself this quote.
  • Always have this in mind; in life no one owes you a dime. So put you all in whatever you do and don’t blame anyone for your shortcomings.

After this competition I have appreciated people more and responded swiftly to their tags to like pictures even when I don’t know them personally.

Yes I have learnt.

Have you entered an online competition before? Please drop other useful tips you know might be helpful in an online competition. I would love to read from you also.

Cheers guys!!!

Published by Adefunke Bada