The education industry is one of the most ancient in all the world. This is an industry that has been shaping the minds and behaviours of eager learners for decades, and the results speak for themselves. Today, we live in a world that is being positively transformed under the weight of our ever-growing obsession with digitalisation and technological empowerment. We have created this world to be exactly what we want it to be; we are solely responsible for the exceedingly prominent technological influence that literally surrounds us from all angles.

In the case of education, this is an industry that, while historically traditional, has recently finally embraced the modernisation of technological advancement. It has taken some time – and a lot of faith, trial, and error – but we are finally at the point where technology is not just a niche in the education industry, but a commonality. Now, more than ever, technology is becoming more prominent a force in education, and we are thrilled with this development, even obsessed. This is the modern revolution education has needed for so long, and it is only just beginning to take shape.

Introducing modern learning ideals to a traditional industry

Online education is a relatively fresh concept in the academic sector, but it is one that has already had significant impact on education the world over. When the prospect of EdTech (education technology) was first introduced to the academic sector, it was met with apprehension and uncertain optimism. A traditional industry to its core, education had always function well. It was not a system that was “broken”, so many did not see the need for modernisation. However, over time the value of technological innovation in education became obvious, and online learning was introduced – a concept that would henceforth forever change the face of global education standards.

The phenomenal impact that online learning is having on academics

By taking learning online, the academic sector was essentially ensuring that it perceived of a future for education that captured and allowed for creative innovation and learning approaches from anywhere in the world. Gone were the days where students had to live within geographical proximity to campuses, yielding to a sole set curriculum and learning structure. Suddenly, students had the power, and they could learn from anywhere they wanted. It was a new dawn for education, and it has been paving the positive way ever since.

Online learning working to strengthen education alongside traditional learning

Of course, traditional education will always have its place in the worldwide academic sector. After all, this is the sole platform that carried generations of students through decades of classes, assessments, and semesters. What online learning offers, is a balance to traditional education that will allow both platforms to work in collaboration with one another to create a stronger frontier for education now and going into the future. Online learning has given students who were unable to access education before, a chance to. And that is its power, and its greatest gift of all. 


Published by Lavismichel Inkel