The extensive reach of the digital world has led the people of this generation into the erstwhile online execution of anything they want. There is almost nothing that cannot be done through the online platforms today; be it online shopping or online booing of a cab or hotel, everything’s just a click away.

When talking about doing stuff online, the most popular and preferred thing in the digital world is online shopping. The turnover figures that the popular online shopping platforms present in every fiscal year proves how big the reach of these sites is!

From women's clothing boutiques to kids’ choicest dresses and to man’s favorite apparels, we get everything sorted on the world of internet. But there are some facts and myths that prevail in our society regarding buying items from the online stores.

Let us discuss elaborately on this topic:

The quality of the products are compromised

This is the most sought-after myth that people feel when shopping online. The idea of getting duplicate products or such products which are not the same as shown in the pictures are something that we all must have gone through at least once when shopping. Well, to be precise, some random sites may be blamed for causing such delusions amongst people but the ones which are reputed never really compromise with the products. Moreover, when you choose a brand, for whatever you are buying online, it is the entire responsibility of the brand to shell out the quality and the online stores are not liable for any quality issues found.

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The apparels might be used products

It’s whether you buy a traditional attire or the trendy two piece sets from the online stores, you might think that the sellers would have put used apparels on sale. Well, it is a complete myth as the sellers are well verified by all the online shopping sites and thus the facts that they give out original and new products are genuine. However, there may be some individual marketers who run their own online apparel shopping site; in that case, you need to check the customer reviews before trusting them with your buying.

The deals and discounts are vague

No! This is completely a false myth that some people tend to believe. The offers are genuine and the discounts given on the products are seriously applied when you buy the discounted items from the online stores. Actually, they tend to give such high discounts on the products because of the fact that the sellers supply the items directly from the manufacturers without a middleman litigating in between the buyers and sellers. Hence, such high amounts of discounts can be shelved on the online products.

Old stocks are cleared

Every item brought on the online platforms have their manufacturer date written on them and in the case of apparels, one can easily go for the brands they trust. So, the question of old stocks getting cleared or selling expired products is a myth. In case it happens, you always have the option of returning and replacing any item on these reputed online platforms.

Thus, these few facts and myths are decoded for those who think that going to physical stores is always better than purchasing anything online. But again it’s all a myth! Now, you have to decide whether to stick by these myths or go with the facts that would make your life simpler and easier and also save you some real time out of our busy schedule! So, the next time you think of shopping, try doing it online.

Published by Janice Cook