Although a 2014 study by the National Statistics (ONS) indicates that life expectancy in Britain has shortened, death is often a negligible thought when preoccupied with the requirements of daily living. Dealing with the rigours of work, stress and relationship maintenance allows people to bury the concept of mortality far deep within the subconscious.

Dying is an undeniable fact of life - and with it comes the process of grief, which has to be faced sooner or later, although later is often the utopian expectation. However, it is clear that life flows in its own stream. While the death of older family members is sometimes easier to accept, it is often the unexpected death of people who are younger that can leave you feeling unhinged.

Dealing with the intense grief that is synonymous with this type of loss often seems like an arduous journey.  Unfortunately, life for the living still needs to carry on, bills have to be paid, work has to be done. Utilising various online tools to heal becomes an inevitable necessity to resuming normality.  


Forums with empathetic hearts

Grief is individual, and how you handle it is important on how the rest of your outlook on life is going to be. Finding good resources while you are unable to face the world can only be of benefit to you in the long term. The rise in the use of various psychology-related forums also means the introduction to new methods of healing. Reading the stories of others who are walking a mile in your shoes allows you to face the stages of grief without any guilt. An article by Dr Kenneth J Doka, an author for Psychology today’s series on good mourning, covers essential aspects of the grieving process, especially methods to apply in order to become unstuck when grief becomes too familiar.

Alternative therapy designed to help

Bottling your emotions is detrimental to your mental health and finding someone to talk to can act as a release valve. Regardless of your religious beliefs or customary dealings with death, thinking about the possibility of an afterlife can sometimes prove beneficial. The world of clairvoyants offers a different perspective on how to deal with grief. Readers do not claim to have all the answers to everything you need to know. However, they can help you find peace and truth within your heart and deal with the present. Specialist reader websites including TheCircle can provide insightful clarity for the grieving process to guide you along in your journey.

On-demand online therapy

When you are ready to engage with the world again, online counselling could be stepping stone that can be taken while you still remain within the comfort of your home. This makes it easier to find an accredited counsellor or therapist with whom you can chat via messenger, video calls or even voice-only calls. Online therapy enables you to confront the loss and deal with the significance of living a successful life through professional support. It is affordable, instant and confidential, and provides you with the needed security to deal with people before you are ready to deal with the outside world again.

Grief can be an emotional crutch that hinders a person’s ability to accept the loss and continue to live a more fulfilled life. Healing does not ever mean forgetting; it’s just about making sure the emotional scars are not contracture.


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