Hello my lovelies!

I apologize for all of the sporadic posting last week. I one hundred percent blame my visiting SO for the inconvenience. All kidding aside, it's been an eventful week for me, so posting has been a little difficult to come by.

During my multiple visits to Milwaukee these past several weeks, I stumbled upon a store by the name of "Akira". This is a Chicago based chain retail store that sells modern women's clothing. While most of the items were super cute, some other pieces we're a little lackluster in quality, or straight up crazy. I ended up purchasing the bomber below, and the shirt below in two colors. I love my purchases, and am so happy I purchased them. The quality of my items is great, especially for what I paid.


The Outfit:


Outfit Details:

Jacket - Akira (Found here).

Shirt - Akira (Found here. Available in two colors).

Pants - AEO (Found here).

Shoes - Steve Madden (Similar here).

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Stay Beautiful!


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