Hello my lovelies!

Yes I know, ANOTHER casual outfit, but that's been my life lately with going back and forth to Milwaukee.

I have recently been obsessed with ball caps, so much so that I bought my very first hat a few weeks ago. Given that I'm mostly in a black uniform on an average day, I decided to purchase a hat that was black, with just a kiss of print for some added interest. Of course, there are a LOT of different colors, textures, and styles of ball caps for everyone to choose from. It's all about what suits your fancy!

The Outfit:

Outfit details:

Shirt - Forever 21 (Found here).

Pants - Victoria's Secret (Found here. Available in 25 other colors).

Shoes - Teva (Found here. Available in 4 other colors).

Hat - Boohoo (Found here).

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Stay Beautiful!

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