I walked past a newly opened local shop today.

It’s a pooch parlour for the titivation of dogs, yes unbelievable, we have so much affluence in the world in some places that we take our pets for a makeover and yet locally there is a food bank for humans unable to afford to feed themselves.

Anyway since it opened, I’ve been curious to see how well it would go, and I wish them well and success, even if I wouldn’t take our mutt there.

I noticed that the lights were not on, in fact, because they have frosted the windows, it always looks more like a pet funeral parlour rather than a place to wash and blow dry Bella (No1 female dog name apparently).

It’s Saturday morning, prime time to be prospecting for new punters, especially as they have just begun. So I checked the opening times and it said ‘Saturday 9am -‘ and I checked my phone, 9.30am. No sign of life. So I thought, well maybe they have already gone to the ‘dogs’.

It is the small things that often make or break any business especially new ones. If you advertise that you open at ‘9am’ then it’s best to be open.

You never know you could even be able to convert miserable dog owners like me into a becoming a new customer with a carefully staged dog biscuit for my mutt and a leaflet with a ‘1st time doggie manicure for free’ offer.

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Published by Philip Dodson