As I sit here watching you play with Cayden, I can’t help but think of what a wonderful little girl you are! However I also can’t help but think about all the things that you have been through in your short 5 years of life!

In your baby book before you were born i wrote you a letter promising you that I would always love you and never give up on you, as well as give you the best possible life that I could! Through these almost 5 years I have tried my best even harder these past 3 years! However what I want to do is apologize to you…

I want you to know that I am sorry for any tension that you may have felt or seen with myself and your father throughout the years. I want to apologize for breaking your family apart something that you never asked  for! I want to apologize that now until your 18 years old and until the rest of your life you will have to deal with somethings that your father and I may not agree on! I also want to apologize for the emotional battle that you may be going through that I may not be able to see. I want to apologize that you are now a child of divorce. With all these apologies that I am saying I also want you to understand what I am trying to do for you!

Liberty, with all the tension that you may see and/or feel with your father and myself, and wonder why mommy an daddy are not speaking when we drop you off, I want you to know that in my mind it is for the best interest of you that there be no words from us, for I would rather you not have to see us argue in front of you.  I want you to know that with every disagreement that myself and your father may have I am only thinking of what may be best for you! Every decision that I make you and Cayden are my main concerns on what those decisions will mean for you two. For my apology for breaking your family apart I want you to know that when I came to that decision that you were my first thought. My thought process started with what would be best for you? A family that argues all the time and is genuinely not happy or a single parent that is happy? I chose the second option for you, it was hard choosing to have days that you were not there and drop off where you cried every time it was time for you to go with either parent. It made me question my decisions. I want to know that ultimately I know that I made the best decision for you because not only do you now have 2 families you have gained a brother, you can see what its like to be in a loving relationship now with your “Mac” and I. I finally get to see you truly happy again. Although you still have your moments after you come from the other house (which you may do the same when going to the other parent house as well) I chalk it up to still trying to figure out who you want to be and dealing with the battles of having separated families… and if that is the case I am sorry that you are having to deal with that.

I want you to know that I only hope to be a model of a great mother/girlfriend/wife and friend to you. That I hope when you get older you look back and think that you had a great childhood with a great family to look up to! There are so many people rooting for you that I hope that you never feel alone! I hope that no matter what that there is always someone that you can go to for help.

From this letter what I want you to gain is that I am doing the best that I can for you, and can only hope that one day when your older that you can see that and understand that. One day i’m sure that you will have the opportunity to read this and I hope that you do:) I hope that one day you look back and think “wow my mom really did her best with us”. Liberty you will always be my little girl and that will never change no matter what! I love you!

Love Always your Mommy:)


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Published by Alissa Blassingame