Dear China,

Welcome to the new age. How does returning to prominence feel? Looks like the dragon is finally waking up. I was giving up on you, but you pulled through. Even though I never loved you as I loved Russia or Germany, you are my home. You are my origin. You are my proof that once fallen nations can still reach the very top. As you advanced, you sped past your former European overlords, even Germany and Britain.

            Through this time, you have faced much criticism. They accuse you of environmental damages, of corruption and even of bad internet and piracy. I have to admit though; you did have all of these problems and still struggle with them. Don’t worry; they’re just growing pains. Maybe you could have slowed down a bit to focus more on quality, not just speed and quantity. Your people are, well, people after all. They still wish for clean air, food and space. They still wish for individuality; that’s human nature. Now that you have advanced, it’s time to slow down a bit and smooth out the kinks. Would you agree?

            With that said, you really are amazing, especially when it comes to statistics. Everything from record for the largest population to the world’s hardest language belongs to you. Buildings that would take others years can be built in just one. Numbers aside, what I really admire the most about you is your sense of nationalism: the idea that once Chinese, always Chinese. Everywhere I go, there is a congregation of Chinese people, if not a Chinatown. Chinese school, anyone? Even better, any foreign item from Communism to McDonalds, get adapted. I love that.

I must thank you for your contributions to humanity. You gave us the compass, paper, paper money, printing, and gunpowder. Beyond that, there was silk, crossbows, the wok and much more. You pioneered industry and culture. Thus, your influence spread far and wide. The British wouldn’t even have tea if it weren’t for you.

To me, you are much more than inventions and innovations. You are home. I have lived in America for most of my life, but you have always been home. I still remember the scorching summers spent rolling down your luscious hills when I visited my grandparents. I never minded the profusion of mosquitoes or noise of your many people. I embraced it; I embraced your food; I embraced you. As my family’s home for who knows how many generations, you never gave up on us, and we, at least I, have not given up on you. We’re back after all.

In three years, I will leave, but I promise I will come back. I want you to keep growing, but in your growth, never forget your roots. Preserve your past. Anything that has withstood 5,000 years deserves to stay. Be the shining example you once were. Most importantly, have confidence. America is loosing the Mandate of Heaven; it’s your turn next.



Published by Angie Fan