Dear Germany,

Did I ever tell you that you were my favorite? Yes, my favorite. Even through the times of economic collapse, or loss of both world wars, I was always for you. You never let me down.

You were strong from the beginning, with your Visigoths bringing those Romans to their knees. The Romans enjoyed power for long enough; the world needed a change. Those Visigoths really gave Rome a taste of their own medicine. Of course, that was the beginning. You have advanced far past from those barbaric times.

 An illustrious history is great, but consistency and resilience is what prevails. This is your specialty. To be honest, many nations had bigger empires, more conquerors and or artists. In fact, you weren’t even officially unified until 1861. That didn’t stop you though.

            No, that didn’t. That didn’t stop Frederick the Great from using professional, well trained soldiers. That didn’t stop your breech- loading rifles from overtaking your enemies. That didn’t stop your superior tactics and technology from sweeping through Europe, twice- taking almost the entire rest of the world to stop you. That especially didn’t stop your scientists from inventing or discovering everything from x-rays to the atom bomb. (Sorry America, Oppenheimer and Einstein were Germans)

            Of course, military wasn’t everything. Believe it or not, under the façade of technology, was culture. Your buildings and palaces may not have been as showy as France’s or Austria’s; your art may not have had the honor of being locked in a glass pyramid, but you have culture. Believe it. Just follow the music. As much as Austria might like to disagree, those composers are yours. I’m talking Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Schumann, Schubert… should I continue? Also, thank you for inventing the flute.

            There is no denying it; your history has had some bumps. The biggest one, by far, was Hitler. You have done more than any nation in reconciling its not so pleasant past, so congratulations. However, please stop apologizing. It isn’t your fault. You are culpable for neither the crazed Austrian nor the circumstance that led to his rise. Don’t let other nations accuse your people of being bystanders. Most were not perpetrators; most were simply protecting themselves and their families, like any sane human. Most of all don’t discredit those generals, the technology, the power of the few people you did have. Acknowledge their abilities; rebuke their actions.

            A final thought, I admire your patience. It is amazing how you put up with Italy and Austria, now Greece, Spain and the others. I would have ditched or overtaken them a long time ago. You work hard; please don’t kill yourself.

            Anyways, just remember three words: Deuchland. Über. alles. Germany above all



Published by Angie Fan