Showing us the limitless possibilities in the world, acquainting us with people around, displaying the richness of places far and wide and feeding happy thoughts – travel is an interesting domain that expands the horizon for us. Taking us away from the usual routine of life, traveling is a means to explore the wonderful offering of our creator. Visit to novel places around the globe – be it within our home city or a state far away, be it to a different country or a totally new continent, every form of travel is interesting in its own way. Travel introduces one to the unique aspects of a particular location. As a window to their culture, lifestyle, cuisine, occupation, beliefs and routine activities, traveling is truly one of the best ways to gain practical education.

    Now, while traveling as a tourist takes us to the exciting wonders of a land, it also prepares us towards diverse experiences and novel lessons. It prompts us to learn the local trades of a place, develop our communication skills, find our own way and sharpen our independence. Though travelling may seem as just another fun activity, it has lot of lessons in store. Enriching our life with valuable experiences that can last for a lifetime, our adventures and memories form some of the best assets forever. An enthusiastic traveler myself, I always look forward to the opportunity of exploring the local wealth of a place. No matter how small a location may be, I enjoy the ambiance and feel of its authentic touch.

    Away from the comforts and luxuries of our home, traveling pushes us to expand our limitations and explore the world in its true form. By stepping our foot in a new place, we learn the skills of adaption and adjustment. Travelling is essential to keep us active, aware, enthusiastic and energetic always. It prepares us towards the challenges of new surrounding and unknown environment. As we find our way through the customs of a new place, we are able to safeguard such skills for a lifetime. While having fun and making memories is our only agenda during a trip, it unknowingly comes across as a valuable experience for a lifetime. As memories of an old trip or unusual, challenging experiences at a particular place enter into our minds in the future, they can open our old box of lessons.

      Though fun is the primary element of every travel, our work assignments or personal commitments can also take us far and wide. While the aim of the trip may differ along each time, the overall experience and learning remains the same. Each location has a unique taste of its own. Be it famous local food items or well-known shopping areas, be it unique natural wonders or man-made attractions for tourists, every place has wide range of reasons to attract enthusiastic folks. While caught within the daily hassles of life, we may never get an opportunity to explore our inner self or introspect about our course of life. Traveling is a wonderful way to communicate with ourselves, reflect on our progress, forget about the daily troubles and seek answers from deep within. By letting us spend quality time with our inner thoughts, it gives way to new ideas and newer solutions. Many a times, when daily routine troubles us with the same burden, one quick trip is all we need to clear the load and feel energized.

      Travel opens our small world of limitations, restrictions, beliefs and thoughts. It forces us to think beyond the usual and develop ourselves in the long run. Traveling does not translate into huge expenses always. Depending on our budget, resources, priorities and finances, we can customize our trip in our own way. From good quality, low cost options to luxurious expensive ideas, traveling can be planned as per our own choice.

      With such diverse benefits of traveling, let us look at the top five reasons why we must pack our bags, quite often!


1.Window to the world:

Traveling is the best way to look at life beyond our home or workplace. It shows us the lifestyle of people all around, giving us insights into their experiences and adventures. Traveling takes us to far-away places, depicting the richness of every location and ambiance of every land. It opens our small world and expands our horizon to accommodate more and more adventures.


2.Meet people, greet experiences:

Our trips allow us to meet new people and form novel ties. Be it local folks of the destination or travel companions along the journey, traveling is all about making new friends and gathering memories. By communicating with local people of the place, we are able to look at the spot with different eyes. Their experiences and thoughts add to our knowledge base as local touch is the best form to know about a particular area.


3.Development of confidence for a lifetime

Traveling makes us confident, bold, flexible and adjusting. As we go to new places and adapt ourselves to the culture of the land, we develop confidence to find our own way. Be it hunt for directions or search for good food, decisions about travel plan or best advice about the itinerary, traveling forces us to move away from the comfort zone and develop confidence. Whether we travel alone or with a group, traveling prompts us to stay aware, alert, focused and sharp.


4.Storehouse of memories

Traveling is truly the most interesting way to make memories. Be it a short or a long trip, relaxing or fast-paced vacation, personal or official tour, every kind of traveling offers us numerous memories along the way. While some memories are desirable and occupy special place in our heart, others are undesirable that must be forgotten. By collecting diverse memories, we can be truly rich in our own way.


5. Practical training course

Traveling is a flawless means to enhance our knowledge base. It offers novel training skills, urging us to adapt, learn, grow and move on. While visiting new places, as we explore different things for ourselves, it teaches us to be flexible. Traveling motivates us along every step of the journey. Right from planning a suitable itinerary to packing our luggage, from traveling on time to enjoying the destination, each and every step trains us to enjoy the end point.


Besides these top five tempting reasons to pack our bags, there are innumerable benefits of traveling that call us again and again.

  Explore the world, go for a trip, capture memories, take photographs and enjoy to the fullest, after all globe is our destination and desire is the ticket! 

Published by Lavanya